Friday, March 21, 2008

Pentatonic palpatations

We have had lots of fun with our cousin Cavett in town (and of course with Jenny, Stephen, and Kendrick, too)! We spent some of our afternoon at A.C. Steere Park which is a really neat accessible park with a sprayground (always a popular summer activity) and a new addition- outdoor musical instruments.

I thought that my sister Jenny was going to have a heart attack. She LOVED it. And it was really cool. Anna Grace and Cavett really had a great time making some neat sounds. It was probably the most interesting playground equipment I've ever seen.

So Jenny goes over to the great big xylophone with the special name that I don't know and says, "No, Stephen, it's not a scale, it's jazz chords." Another short test. "No, not jazz chords, it's a pentatonic." Then she hammers out Amazing Grace with little effort.

Just recently I was talking with someone about my being the "non-musical Dent." My siblings are all endowed with extensive musical gifts as they come from a line of talented musicians. (Karl is my uncle- dad's brother and their dad was a preacher who used to preach via his "Sermons in Song.") My family once attended a church talent show event and performed as the "Von Trapp Family Dents," or something equally as cheesy.

But nothing formal ever developed with me. For now, I just love and appreciate music, but have no real outlet in expressing it. But I think in my next thousand years, I'll be a guitarist.

There's no such thing as a non-musical Dent.


barbara said...

Candace- You are very musical...You don't give yourself enough credit. I have heard you sing. You just didn't major in music. I love to hear you sing and I love the way you have taught your children the love of music. That is the real gift. To be able to past that love of music down to your children.

The Harrigan Family said...

Amen sister! We will all express our pent-up musical hearts just waiting to come out! By the way, props to BeBe. She said it great-

Lauren said...

You had a bluegrass band at your wedding, for goodness sake! Girl, you are musical.

Anonymous said...

You are my favorite alto!

Amber said...

I've seen home videos and you all are talented. I often feel like a musical dunce when multiple Dent members are together (aka site singing at the farm:) but I think its about the appreciation of music and making a joyful noise... and its not always a noise on pitch :) You have got that down, all we have to do is look at AG for more than 2 seconds.