Thursday, June 25, 2009

Glad she asked

(Disclaimer: Video not for children)

As a woman who just went shopping and tried on swimsuits in that unforgiving light of the dressing room

As a woman who couldn't even stand the sight of it despite having a healthy body mass index

As a woman who is inundated by messages from this unrighteous culture of what she's supposed to look like

As a woman who loves God and is trying to walk in His ways and be a testimony of His love and goodness to this broken world

As a woman who is trying to raise a little girl to find her beauty in the Lord and nowhere else

I'm so glad that Beth Moore (we're doing her Esther study) asked me this most pressing and important question this week:

"What might be a reasonable way to handle the pressure [to be beautiful] for those of us who are neither likely to nor under spiritual conviction to throw away all our cosmetics?"

I have a follow up question:

What does it mean to be beautiful? Do I need to do or be something to be beautiful?

I believe it is a longing of every human heart- and not just women- to be beautiful. How do we handle this? What is the Lord saying about this? What do I need to be teaching Anna Grace about this? How should I be renewing my mind on the subject of beauty?

I think the impetus for it weighing so heavy on my heart is my daughter. I really want her to get it. I really want for her to know that she was made by God and she is beautiful. I really really really want to get this right.

And honestly, I want healing. I want to know true beauty, and I want that for all my beautiful friends and for my beautiful mom and for my beautiful sisters and for all of us. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but haven't we all been wounded regarding our beauty in some way or another? If you haven't, please share your secret.

I've been pondering it all and I'm afraid I'm building up a pretty good bit of blog gas (as my husband who thoroughly enjoys flatulent humor would say).

We'll see where the Lord takes us on the subject...


Carpoolqueen said...

As someone who looks at her hair and cringes most days, I can't wait to hear what you have to say about this.

Maybe the answer is to just remove the mirrors.

The Harrigan Family said...

i know it will be amazing, as the Lord has so much to say about our beauty. thanks for the blog gas (funny thoughts about your husband by the way!)


Anonymous said...

So funny that you wrote on this subject this week. Madeline got stung on the face by a bee last weekend and her eyes, nose and cheeks really swelled up. She asked me if she would ever be beautiful again (which, by the way, broke my heart just a little). I had to tell her that what was important to me and to God was how beautiful she was on the inside. She seemed to accept that and went on about her day. Three days (and one epi-pen)later, and her face is back to normal and hopefully it was a good learning experience about God's desires for his children.

Anonymous said...

OOoh, that one on the scale with the stomach going in and out is totally me!!!!

Kellie said...

These are excellent thoughts...

Ones I have pondered over the years on my blog as well.

You may interested in checking out the True Campaign.

Re: Dove and that video. When they first starting running that PSA (about a year ago) they were also running an ad geared to ladies over 40. The ad (both in print and TV) consisted of 5 to 6 middle aged women posing naked in promotion of anti-aging lotion. So, although I think they are being very PC in those public service announcement to reach little girls, in my humble opinion, they seem to be doing precious little stop the crisis within our culture.

With that said, you are very smart. The reality is that understanding beauty starts at home. Our daughters are watching us, and we cannot give them what we do not have. I am thankful that you are thinking about this, and writing about it.

You are not alone!

Falcone Family said...

I really respect you putting this out there. Beauty is defined by one's self and appreciating how God made you. I can now say that I enjoy how beautiful God made me and also love to enjoy everyone else's unique beauty. It's such an incredible thing for me to see how different we all are, how beauty comes in different sizes, shades, patterns, etc. It baffles me.

I speak about beauty to isabela every single day as I point out many different things about her that make her beautiful. I choose one every morning, those marks that God gave her. Today, it was the way her hair looks when she wakes up, you know, bed-hair!

It really is upsetting how media thinks it has the right to tell us what beautiful is and pressure us to obtain that idea.

Great post Candace!