Sunday, November 1, 2009


If you know me, you probably knew this was coming.

I miss my daddy.

Most especially, I just can't get over that my kids won't know him on this side of Jesus' return. I was talking to Anna Grace about him today and I just couldn't get over how she didn't know him- how I had to tell her that she would just love him. I see so much of his personality in her.

It was a busy day- a busy weekend for that matter. I didn't have much time to process anything.

But words of life and blessing and hope and love came through anyway- via calls and texts and emails and especially sweet whispers of love from my Father's heart to mine today.

Little things.

Like a beautiful blue sky, the fulfillment that comes with serving others, the laughter of my son, and watching my little girl dance and raise her arms while worshiping her King Jesus in the back of the church today.

It's been seven years now since I last saw my dad.

But somehow, while I watched Anna Grace dance, I knew that my God was very near. He always is. And He comes to give life- even in the places of my heart that ache the most.

In hope, I wait for Him.

May you also find hope in Him today.

Isaiah 35:10 "...gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away."


Nora Greer said...

Hugs to you. Can't wait to meet him myself...Hope is a great thing.

CPQ said...

Sweet friend- Will breathe a prayer for an extra measure of grace for you.

the Powers' said...

Prayed for you during the All Saints service in church yesterday just as I did seven years ago the day before I drove to Shreveport to embrace you. I am so honored that I did get to know your Daddy and my heart swells for you this time of year. AG will love him.

The Harrigan Family said...

i love you much friend and will meet him soon. :)


Anonymous said...

I share with you the sadness of having kids who won't know my Dad. But, I also share with you the knowledge of getting to be with him again - in heaven and on the new earth. I'll remember to say an extra prayer for you and your family. Love ya, CDC!

Rendi said...

So sorry...

Kellie said...

Love that picture of you with your dad.

Hang in there friend.

Chad and Rebecca said...

Your dad must be pretty incredible to raise a daughter such as yourself. I am praying for you my friend!

Sarah said...

Good to read this through my own tears....I miss him too. Love you!