Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Adventures of Something New

Note:  Anna Grace wanted to make a story line for yesterday's adventure to Grand Saline at my sister's in-law's home.  For the record, she came up with this blog post title. And here's her take on the day:

When we went to Grand Saline, [cousin] Cavett had a list. 

On this list of things to do was chase cows, climb a tree, tree swing, paint rocks, and croquet. 

There was a stump and Cavett told me it was kind of like a little chair. 

We had fun on the tree swing.

We got to go to an ice cream place called, "Nutty's."  Everybody got mint chocolate chip. 

We went fishing, too.  Sorta.

Cavett liked Asher a lot.

Me and Cavett picked flowers for our moms.  They liked the flowers.

We went to see the old bridge.  We saw two trains.  We were TWICE lucky.

I get her sentiment, but twice lucky?  It was more like infinite blessing on a glorious day.  To sip ice tea and reconnect on a porch swing, to eat amazing BBQ at a local dive where guys in cowboy hats named Earl order the special to go, to enjoy the fresh country air, and to get a nice dose of sunshine on the bench outside of Nutty's was truly divine. 

Truly- a scraped knee and a sunburn never felt so good.  

Grand Saline, you big salt you... you haven't seen the last of the Chaney family.

For sure. 


Lauren said...

Beautiful pictures and great commentary! Makes me long for summer and lemonade small-town Fourth of July parades...Gotta find that somewhere near Atlanta...

Falcone Family said...

Not sure what captured me the best, your photographs or your text. They both so beautifully told the great story of cherished time.

Extremely talented photographer and writer you are...

lifeinthevillage said...

that is precious. all of it. wow. love you both!! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like how the Wiggins' grew up!

Nora Greer said...

If I went to Nutty's, I'd get mint choc chip fave!
Great pics and narration!