Friday, May 27, 2011

If I had a time machine

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and talk to yourself?  Give yourself advice?

This picture is from some time in 1995 (I think).

If I could go back in time and blow these Birkenstock clad mix tape lovin' crazy people's minds, I could tell 1995 Jack and Candace that we would get married and have 1 beautiful, vivacious little girl and 2 precious, happy boys.

I could tell them that we'd move back to Shreveport in ten years after moving from Atlanta to Kentucky.

I could tell them that we would live in a cute little white house with a red door.

I could tell them to spend every minute they could with my dad- we wouldn't have enough time with him. Or Mimi.

I could tell them about the internet.  And Facebook.  And my blog.  And email.  And iphones.

I could tell them that things would get kind of hard, but to hold on because it would get better.

But really, I would only need to tell them one thing. One simple yet dynamic and life-altering thing:

Love Jesus with all you've got.

It's the secret to a life well lived and a marriage fully sustained.

It's the secret to joy and peace.

I'm so grateful that we figured that out without having to have some kind of time traveler freak us out, although I wish we had figured it out sooner than we did.

And I'm so grateful for the past ten years and the way that loving Jesus has given life and health to this marriage.

Happy 10th anniversary, Jack.

Trite but true, I love you more every day.

Now let's go get our Texas on.  


Lauren said...

I remember these 2! Love that there's an Icee in the picture. Happy Anniversary to the most "meant to be" couple I've ever met.

Rebecca said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are the perfect definition of love. Wishing you all the happiness in the years to come. Take care.

lifeinthevillage said...

Ohhhh. . . . that's a good one. I LOVE it. Hope you guys had an amazing time. And you are soooooo right. About that lovin' jesus part.