Tuesday, September 13, 2011

True Love

I guess it was a couple weeks ago when my daughter grabbed a stapler, her oil pastels, and a picture of me and her daddy to create this current masterpiece.

I "love" it.

I can't remember where I saw or heard or read this sentiment, but I remember hearing something recently like, "You have to live the gospel, not just preach it or speak it.  If you don't live it day in and day out, your children will never believe it."  (Where did I hear that?)

Life with little ones can tend to magnify the imperfections of our union- especially when they do things like kick you in the face before 6:30 am or furiously wrestle over their place on the couch or refuse their dinner so vehemently that they puke as they choke down a kernel of corn (true story).   But if ten years of marriage has taught me and Jack anything, it's taught us to be quick to apologize, to be eager to serve, to pray relentlessly, and to forgive, forgive, forgive, forgive and forgive some more.

The way we live day in and day out is important.  As we react, make mistakes, apologize, and forgive, we are living out the gospel and our children take notice.

Our friends might even take notice.

Maybe even the passing world around us takes notice.

Sharing your life, your heart, and everything you own with another imperfect person as in marriage is difficult at best, but living out true love- the kind of love that Jesus showed us at the cross- is the only way to get it right. And when we get it right, it brings forth a powerful testimony of His kind of love.

I hung Anna Grace's picture on the fridge to remind me of my children and their ever present and ever perceiving eyes and ears.  I hope we don't let them down, but then again, I don't really have to worry.  I'm sure we will.  But the good news is that the One who gets it right every time and who loves them perfectly never will.

To know true love, we'll just keep pointing them to the cross and as tall an order as it is, we'll press into the Lord and by the power of the Holy Spirit, endeavor to live in that kind of love as we go.

And the payoff? Hopefully one day, they'll not only believe it, they'll know it.    

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lifeinthevillage said...

Wow. That was good. Not only does it point my heart to Jesus, but it makes me really grateful to have people like you in my life. Why are you so far away??? :)