Monday, March 19, 2012

My dream

 The Avett Brothers, who Jack and I went to see in Baton Rouge this past Thursday night, sing this song called "Kick Drum Heart-" it's my absolute favorite.  

Its quickness and fervor get me moving.  Its lyrics make me smile. 

Over and over, its refrain pronounces:

My, my heart like a kick drum.  My, my love like a voice.  

And then it has a piano echo and then you do a little dance and it slows way down and then it speeds way up and it thump, thump, thumps in your heart. 

There are a lot of things I really like about the Avett Brothers.  There's the banjo, the wild man playing the cello, their simple and true lyrics... not to mention the fact that they're brothers.

They sang "Just a Closer Walk with Thee"

I mean, they're brothers.  How awesome is that? 

I don't know what other moms dream for their kids, but for me, seeing my grown children on stage singing about Jesus is an absolute dream.

In fact, it's kind of a vision. 

I was raised in what you might call a musical home.  My mom and dad, in fact, fell in love exchanging glances over choral music. My dad played the stand up bass and the piano and the guitar.  He blasted all kinds of music on Saturday mornings. We sang in the car on family vacations. My siblings and I were all in choir and my sisters and brother are all musical phenoms in their own rite. And even though I sort of missed out on playing an instrument with any skill, music still resonates in every corner of my heart.

And then there's Jack.  Jack and I fell in love exchanging glances over a mix tape.  I still love those goosebumps he gets when he hears a song he especially loves on a Friday afternoon drive.  He was the leader of his boy choir, an experience he to this day describes as formative.  His mom can sing the paint off the wall, too.  

I don't know if my kids will have any desire to pursue musicality, but even though I don't know that they will, I have a pretty strong inkling that they will. How could they not? It's in their blood. 

After all, the Lord spoke to my heart about even having children in the first place on October 31, 2003 at a Jason Upton concert.

I traipsed through the mud at the Ichthus Music Festival when I was four months pregnant.  

And then I had a little girl who sang constantly.  She still does.

We took her to Jazz Fest in New Orleans at 18 months and laughed at the precocious way she said "live music!"

I sing over all of them.  They all have their own songs.

They listen to Psalty and Johnny Cash and Misty Edwards and Mumford and Sons. 

What I'm hoping for and what I'm starting to pray for in a more focused way is children who will worship the Lord in spirit and in truth and that the Lord would give them musical leadership towards that end. 

Again, I might be wrong.  Maybe this is just my dream. 

But on Friday night, I sat Anna Grace and Zeke down in front of a couple of AMAZING New Orleans street performers and I whispered in their ears about the music as we watched an inspiring Canon in D unfold.  I just feel like this kind of thing is important for them. 

I don't know if it's for you, kids, but if it is, GO FOR IT.

And if you do, you can absolutely count on your mom and dad to pray for you to lead a lost world to the truth and freedom found in Jesus through your songs. 
Jack and I joke this will one day be the inside cover art of their first album. 
And sweet kiddos, even if you decide that your love for the Lord expresses itself predominately through another vocation outside of the realm of music, I am certain that your heart will beat strong like a kick drum and your love will indeed be your voice. 

I and love and you.  

Two, three, four...


whimzie said...

Capital L LOVE this post so much I could scream!

The Rupps said...

Art takes many forms, but one thing is for certain: every person needs to find their niche in the expression department and let it all hang out. Life just isn't life any other way.

Love you so,

CPQ said...


And love how you encourage them.

Rebekah said...

Seriously?! How have I missed the last three posts? Oh well. I'm all caught up.

Music, especially shared as a family, can be so sweet. All six of us sing(some of us better than others) around the house.(I break out in song at school too on occasion.)

Nora Greer said...

We were a singing crew in our fam as well...our favorite song was on a tape that came with an old Oldsmobile my mom got...we were devestated when it was stolen upon the theft of our wood panneled mini van! I recognize it is not my gift, but I sure do love to sing out loud with the windows down (Jason never understands why the radio is turned up so loud when he gets into my car!).

Kate Chaney said...

Amazing post! I Love it and I Love you!!!! And..... I didn't get the musical talent that Jack has but I sure do have an ear for it..... Tanya and Dorise have someting special right along with the Avett Brothers....