Monday, January 21, 2013

A cast of characters

On a Saturday walk in the neighborhood, it struck me that our characters were playing their parts in such a typical way. Anna Grace and Zoe darted here and there and everywhere, Zeke paid careful attention to traffic and needed several pushes to get his bike up the hill, and Asher rode atop his dad's shoulders as he had changed his mind about his car-stroller and could not be dissuaded. They are a cast of characters.

With the kids home from school today, I tried to teach a little home lesson about Martin Luther King Jr. Zeke thought it was a super fun idea and Anna Grace not so much. The result was Asher walking around the house sing-saying "I have a dream" and our post-lesson quizzes being more comical than educational. I tried, right?

Also, king cake season has arrived and along with his dream, Asher has declared that "cake makes me feel better."

You just can't blame Anna Grace for snatching him up and making him her newest teddy bear.

They make me so tired and I feel so inadequate so often making sure they're loved and fed and disciplined and educated and trained up in the way they should go. Thank goodness there's grace among us as we coach these characters to play their parts with enthusiasm and great love. I'm afraid the plot would just crumble without it.


Jack said...

Who was he and why do we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.?

lifeinthevillage said...

You are amazing. And I am coming to see more and more the roles we play in our house. The hubby continues to say, "We got to get that one a sister." haha! You are an awesome mama. Love you-