Friday, January 25, 2013


The gifts of this full week:

1.  another seven days of marriage to my best friend who makes me laugh
2.  frantic clean up time that required me to ask my mom for help resulting in our spending some fun    time together with dryer lint and Windex
3.  homemade pizza and a surprise party with some of the most amazing friends a girl could have
4.  not just one, but several phone conversations with Lydia
5.  playing a ski jump video game with Zeke and laughing our heads off
6.  sitting in chapel with Anna Grace and listening to her sweet voice sing hymns
7.  our daily Cheerios bread
8.  a Wednesday workout with Meg that left me with a hurt that felt so good
9.  the accordion music I found at Goodwill for when we have Mexican food
10.  sharing mardi gras king cake ice cream with the Harpers
11.  the "coincidences" that happened that were more like whispers from the God who knows and hears the cries of my heart

I'm so grateful.  

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