Monday, February 25, 2013

a marvelous makar

Kayla writes.  Man, can she write.  When you read her words, you can tell, clearly, that the Lord has gifted her with seeing how words fit together just so.  She churns them up and presents them together like a big, beautiful birthday cake.  Or a warm chili on a cold day.  I cannot wait to read her book. 

She has recently posted a couple of writing assignments she's done with her pupils (she's the headmaster of her homeschool domain) and I have had such fun participating that I thought I would share my latest assignment (see Sniglets).  I hope I get a passing grade because I found this assignment much more difficult than the one on color (see a writing assignment).  Since I didn't have a Scrabble dictionary, Kayla assigned me one herself: makar.  Here goes:

Sounds like a small wooden tool used in the 1800's
Probably malicious or dark
Or a bird indigenous to South America
Or high-fluffed and dense clouds
Or the blackish gray of soot and ashes
But it's a poet

Whew, that was tough.  But thanks for the inspiration, Kayla!
You and your words bring hope and light and joy to so many.  You are a marvelous makar indeed. 

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The Rupps said...

You are too kind. And YOU, my dear, are the makar. That is why I chose that word for you. Your entire life is a poem.