Friday, February 15, 2013

Six years of Zeke

When I took the boys outside in between the pizza eating and the cupcake and ice cream eating, what I had in mind was a nice and sweet pic of Zeke and his buddies.  He's a small group kind of a guy, so we went with the only-invite-as-many-friends-as-you-are-old rule- I thought it would be easy enough to get them to sit down and smile nicely.


Zeke was so excited, he could hardly contain himself.  The superhero poses were absolutely all he could do. 

He sounded his untamed six-year-old battle cry more than once.

It was awesome- truly awesome.

He has a warrior boy-heart that Z-man.

And man but we have had to fight for our little warrior.

Like on the day he was born, I wrestled with my numb legs tingling from the epidural so that I could get out of bed and finally hold my baby- the one they had whisked away so quickly.  After 5 hours, I finally won that battle.

Since then, we've battled fear and vegetables and all kinds of things and what we've learned is that the battle is the Lord's and in Him, we are strong.

It is the theme that keeps popping up over and over in life with Zeke:  Do not fear, Jesus is strong.

We ARE winning.  Even in this past year alone, Zeke has been baptized, learned to read, taken to geography, tried new things, enjoyed parties, recognized Asher as his best friend, and grown in so many ways.

I'm so grateful for these six years of Zeke.  It's been such an amazing thing to watch this little boy grow in so many ways.

So happy birthday Ezekiel David!

You are strong and you are loved as you know Strength and you know Love.

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Kate Chaney said...

Happiest of birthdays to you Zeke! We love you!!!!