Monday, February 25, 2013

Three day birthday sale

the poster I made for the party

It was a three day sale, but it was more like a four day sale this year.

Of course, the three day sale is simply his favorite t-shirt (thank you again, Rupps), but it has come to mean to us just a general jubilation.  It's donned at the start of a vacation or on a special Friday afternoon.  You can see what I mean.  I always smile when he pulls it out of the closet. 

So the three day/four day sale began and Friday night was dinner out with sister Kate (who drove almost 8 hours for the festivities) and Jack's parentals.  Saturday was a second annual silent auction that bolstered our friends' ministry greatly (and plus we had great food and a super fun photo booth).  Sunday was a trip to Dallas and an NBA game (we saw Kobe Bryant beat up on the Mavs).  Monday, which was his actual birthday, was a day off from work (why not?) and general goodness ending with a crazy dance party with the kids.

So you see, it was a four day "sale" but if you ask me, it was totally worth every second of the celebration.

Happy birthday, Jack, and thank you, Jesus, for these 36 years you've given him.

 I love my birthday-ing, three day sale-ing, treat yo-self-ing man. 

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