Sunday, March 24, 2013

moments and music

181. the kindness of a friend when she saw me in a rough spot- and that she saw me
182. two excellent report cards
183. blue and white linens, hydrangeas and burlap combining into something beautiful
184. Jason's incredible culinary gifting
185. laughter, music, and friends filling our home
186. my mother always teaching
187. lunch with my daughter- just us
188. a family-to-be and the opportunity to capture the moment
189. the daddy who prayed over our boys tonight
190. that singing-to-the-old-song moment I had with Jack- loud, window down, in unison (You made us just right for each other)
191. all of our 8-year-old's vomit landing in the plastic-lined trash can (thank you thank you thank you!)

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