Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Expedition

Our expedition began early- first thing in the morning.  We looked over the waters below, peering down.  There were alligators, fish food, and sharks eating fish!  Wow!  We hurried to the bridge and looked again.  There it was-  the neon green fish food.  The arrows on the pavement directed our next moves.  Hurry! We hurried.  My leader, my blonde Diego, was running fast now.  I couldn't keep up.  It's ok.  He could wait.  There was another bridge and more water and other sojourners along the way.  We were explorers, wild and free, exploring under the morning sun with great speed.  Ok, I was a little slow, but still, my leader, with a rubber band around his head and a look of fun in his eye, was quick and he was showing me a whole world full of adventure.

It was as if we had never been to Betty Virginia Park in our whole lives.  Of course, having grown up going to Betty Virginia, I'd been there hundreds if not thousands of times.  But that's the thing about kids.  They'll turn things on their heads for you if you pay attention.

As for the rubber band on the head, I don't know.  He wanted to do it and it made him happy.

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