Tuesday, May 14, 2013

they see it

Asher's interview

Zeke's interview

Anna Grace
One of the many things the kids brought home from school or church (I don't know which) had a quote on it from Charles Spurgeon: "Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children."

This is both an inspiring thought and a terrifying one.

Inspiring because we have these blank slate hearts to encourage and mold and grow into the men and women God created them to be.  Terrifying because we have the opportunity to make a big mess of things.

So when you get report cards like this from your children that don't include all the times you've fallen short of being the "perfict" mom they think you are (God bless them), it makes you so glad.  So glad.  All the parenting advice in the world doesn't measure up to what is actually going on in the heart of your child and there is nothing like a glimpse inside of it.  So when Asher says he likes to play with me and Zeke says that he thinks that I LIKE to cook and Anna Grace describes me as "eger" to help, my heart is so encouraged.  It reminds me that this important work of motherhood is not lost on them- not at all.  Even when it seems small and unnoticed or unimportant, it is not.  And not only that.  All those times you've messed up and fallen on your face and done the wrong thing- somehow they've forgiven you and you rejoice even more because of the mercy and grace and forgiveness that has fallen over the hearts of your family. 

I don't know if you got any of this kind of stuff for Mother's Day, but if you didn't and if you're fighting the fight every day to feed your children's hearts, souls, and bodies, be encouraged.  Not only do your children see it, your Father in heaven sees it and it honors Him.

So happy belated Mother's Day especially to my own trifecta of mothers who have fed my own heart, soul, and body, for so so many years.  Love you!!!  xxoo

Kathy, my momma in Jesus

Barbara, the woman who birthed and raised my awesome husband and who loves us all so well

Camille, the woman who birthed me, changed my diapers, sacrificed so much for me, and even now holds my hand when I need her

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Nora Greer said...

so fantastic! I love that AG used all "C" words to describe you!
Per Haley I'm a mom that likes "roking and rolling".
And Sam asked for a baby brother...