Wednesday, June 5, 2013

pink wisps and blue monsters

582.  the pink wispy puffs of mimosa trees (Albizia julibrissin, Persian silk tree)
583.  an owl's hoot
584.  toys, toys everywhere (toys to play with!)
585.  quality bonding time over screaming boys with my little sister
586.  Karen loving Asher, taking him down the Blue Monster water slide (wow)
587. beignets and coffee with Jack, alone
588. Bethany loving on and investing in Anna Grace just because

1 comment:

lifeinthevillage said...

Love mimosas. And I must say, that one about Bethany made me a bit jealous. Not because I don't love Bethany of course, but because I don't get to see AG enough. :/ Oh well. . . . . she is loved from afar!