Wednesday, June 12, 2013

rock and wheel

622.  getting low and serving
623.  my kids growing up in the context of a really good, really real community of fellow believers
624.  the earth under my fingernails
625.  veggie enchiladas I didn't have to cook
626.  boys incited over a gecko
627.  Asher's love for "rock-n-wheel" (meaning rock-n-roll music)- oh the funny things he says!
628.  AG's bike-ride-and-movie-date with her grandmother
629.  our friends the Hardisons and the calling that You continue to reveal in layers to them (make their path straight, Lord!)

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Anonymous said...

And I was so happy to be cooking veggie enchiladas that night and even happier to share them with good friends. You and Jack gave us such great encourgement that we needed that minute! We love you all!