Sunday, June 23, 2013

the family that hymn sings together stays together

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It was on the 8th floor of a hospital rehab unit, it was my grandmother the front and center patient with pain, it was with my uncle and aunt and mom and siblings and cousins and children, and it was one of the best worship services I've ever experienced.

We've done it many, many (many) times before but it had been some years since this many of us have been together apart from a wedding or a funeral and there is just something about your cousin reading scripture about waiting on the Lord and walking and not fainting.  There is just something about watching your three-year-old mouth words with a fake-it-til-you-make-it stare at sheet music.  There is something about singing about God, our Maker, with your family, His presence filling the room.  There is something about singing doxologies and blessings and amens in the midst of your grandmother's sufferings.

We were together all weekend fellowshipping and bumping into each other.  I don't know about your family, but mine's not perfect (shocking, I know).  But all of those imperfect relationships just seemed so much more perfect and grace-filled as we opened our mouths to sing.  Which is why I think families that hymn sing together stay together, love covering our multitude of sins.

Beauty exchanged for our ashes, joy exchanged for our mourning,  a garment of praise exchanged for a spirit of despair.

It's the testimony of the love and power of the Lord and as we sang, we sang unto our King.

It was on the 8th floor, but we might as well have been in the throne room, grateful hearts raised to the One who has kept us together- singing.

Memaw and little David coming soon!  

(Of course, we laugh together, too.  We all thought the rehab units' reading material to be quite hysterical)   

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The Rupps said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. That sweet hand on the pregnant belly, the other hand to the cheek, the love and continuation of life...oh my. Tears formed in my eyes.

p.s. my PYNAR words for this comment were "shall ammoung." Close to "shall among," I think, and fitting.