Monday, July 8, 2013

His and Hers

I fell in love with salsa at a young age and I guess I came by it naturally.  Dad loved it, too.  In fact, I'll never forget the smell of sauteed garlic wafting through the house-  a smoke signal for me to come help Dad get the ratios just right for his spicy concoction.  I was the taste tester with the wooden spoon.

Nowadays, I make salsa in a food processor instead of a wok (my dad's appliance of choice).  It's a little different than Dad's but I like it how I like it and what's funny is that we don't all like it the same.  After many many jars of research, we've discovered that Jack prefers vinegar in his salsa while I find vinegared salsa to be offensive at worst and wildly inferior at best.  I like vinegar.  Just not in my salsa.  

So it's taken us a while to find the right compromise but today, I did it- His and Hers batches o' salsa.

And with that in mind, go make your own "Hers" batch of salsa using Pioneer Woman's recipe (which is sort of what I do).  Just add vinegar to make it gross "His."


lifeinthevillage said...

Love it! And make John's sans cilantro! Shocking. . . . I know. ;)

Lauren said...

Just made the salsa. Amazing. I'm usually a vinegar girl, but now...