Sunday, July 7, 2013

the battle is the Lord's

I made this little top for AG- can you believe it?!?! 
739.  a beautiful shower with all kinds of tiny sweetnesses for my nephew David and sister-in-law Amber
740.  Anna Grace in yellow, my little sunshine
741.  Jack's adventure time with the boys
742.  water games and tether ball with Cavett and Kendrick
743.  Zeke's heart stronger and stronger
744.  a den full of blankets and pillows and cousins
745.  a veggie burger and okra with my mom and Jack and Karen and Jenny and Stephen- quality family time spent
746.  the nine and ten-year-old little believers I've been called to help disciple in Jesus
747.  little Amy's careful cursive of 1 Samuel 17:46
748.  Sunday lunch crockpot success
749.  good sabbath rest
750.  Asher's cough subsiding
751.  Your calling us to things we can't do on our own, waking us up to our need for Your strength

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lifeinthevillage said...

Look at that top!! :) I am sooooo impressed. And so glad to read about Zeke's sweet heart.