Monday, August 12, 2013

Because I always want to remember what she was like as an 8-year-old

Several weeks ago, she mourned her flip-flop's demise, recounting all the good times she had with those floppy pink pals of hers, so of course, her deeply felt grief for her beloved schnauzer has lingered on and on these past couple of months.   She has felt death's sting and she doesn't like it.  When will Jesus come back, she asks.  We wait and we pray. 

Whether it's a pencil holder for her locker or chocolate chip pumpkin muffins or a story in her journal, she's always cooking up something and often leaves all kinds of stickiness or clutter in her wake.  She needs reminders to clean up.  But details aren't important and instead she looks at the big picture and indeed, what she makes is usually pretty amazing.

Her imaginary friend Junior came and went half her lifetime ago, but her imagination still flourishes.  Carl, the largest freckle on the tip of her nose, can attest to that.   And yes, she has even named her freckle.  In her world, everything has a name. 

She has so so many words.  Thousands upon thousands a day.

She's funny like her daddy.  A little quirky even.  Quicker and quicker every day with her one liners, she loves to make people laugh.  

She loves to go and do and be around people- always people.   Kicking a soccer ball with boys or giggling at a sleepover with girls- she really enjoys both.  She is sensitive to social cues and empathetic and kind and her teacher this past year told me she saw it in her, too. 

She has no reservations about what she can accomplish or do and she is ready to try most anything as long as it doesn't involve eating avocados or cleaning her room.  She is confident and adventurous and though I know she loves us deeply, she doesn't need or want her parents to linger too long at school or camp or the like.  She's got this, her eyes will say.

She dotes on Asher like a little momma and she teaches and protects Zeke without prompting and although she is often annoyed by their boy ways, she loves them fully and can take care of them almost as well as I can.

She's a pleasure to walk along the beach with and even more so life.

Anna Grace, eight years old.

What a gem.


whimzie said...

I know she and Anna would be besties. I just know it! Maybe they'll go to college together. You realize we're going to blink twice and they'll be packing to go? Slow it down!!

Jack said...

I love this.

lifeinthevillage said...

Oh I agree with your hubby. This is an absolutely wonderful post. Amen and amen. :)

Lauren said...

Love this, and love your family. Still wish AG could be Holly's mentor. :)