Monday, August 5, 2013

indomitable hang out

915.  good conversation about real things over a cup of coffee at The Coffee Cup
916.  beautiful Sapna and her authentic friendship
917.  Abigail and Anna Grace reunited
918.  a Pensacola kayaking adventure
919.  Anna Grace's skill and determination (indomitable as Sapna put it)
920.  my boys' adventure with their BeBe and KiKi who love them so
921.  Bill's spaghetti night 
922.  a couple of hours to hang out on the couch with my favorite hang out expert (my hilarious husband of course)


The Rupps said...

Yes, Jack is a hang out expert! So well put! (and you think you're not a write...pah!)

The Rupps said...

(meant to say "writer")