Friday, August 16, 2013

mazooki and more

978.  a hint of fall in the morning air
979.  familiar faces, so friendly and warm
980.  Ms. Kaye and her preschool class, Asher so happy and eager
981.  Your hand in giving me the opportunity and resources to do this photography thing, to freeze the moment for mommas who kind of wish it would do just that
982.  connecting over burgers and sweet potatoes with the small group
983.  Smink's prayer
984.  Rachel's mazooki (Assyrian cookie- amazingly delish!)
985.  family chapel with Zeke, his big hug and whispers
986.  the book of Colossians
987.  Eoin, another beautiful baby to photograph
988.  prayers via text
989.  kids running, playing in fresh air and tall grass

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