Monday, September 16, 2013

a toe headed blessing

White hair tops the little body that carries that strong heart of his-  Asher Adam, full of life, full of opinions, full of strength, and full of all manner of cuteness.  He can kick a soccer ball well unless he decides he won't.  Or "can't."  (He tests my patience so well- so very well.)  His snuggles are the best in the world, his dance moves will make you laugh out loud, and his expressions are priceless.  At three years old, we're still discovering who he is, but at this point, we're quite certain he's funny and wild-hearted and smart.  And man, does he love food.  All kinds of food. 
cumin lime chickpea salad- delicious!

At the end of most meals these days, he stands up and shows off the muscles he's apparently grown in the last 10 minutes of eating.

What a funny little dude.

You are cherished and adored, Asher Adam.  We love you, our dear little happy man. 


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