Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bill and Jack, Jack and Bill

Did you see ESPN's documentary last night on the life and times of the Manning family?
It was great.  Between putting away laundry and putting kids to bed, we were captivated.  There is just something about a good story.

But what struck me the most was Archie Manning's relationship with his sons and how Archie reminded me so much of my father-in-law down right down to the way they speak. Of course, they are probably around the same age with roots in south Louisiana so there is that, but mostly it was the relational giftedness that struck me most.  They are men who are humble, kind, full of love for their kids- men who love their wives and who have been faithful dispensing wisdom and encouragement at just the right time.

Of course, Jack is just as successful (if not more so) as Cooper, Peyton, or Eli- a hero in overcoming adversity and working hard, loving his family, and loving God even more.

Jack and Bill are both heroes if you ask me.  

ESPN should come visit them. 


Kate Chaney said...

I LOVE this post!!!! I too thought of Daddy when watching The Book of Manning- great thoughts CDC :)

The Rupps said...

I agree!!

Lauren said...

We don't even have cable, but I would pay for a month of ESPN to see that!