Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Joseph David

I can only imagine how my dad must feel or would feel if he were with us.  My dad loved- adored- my little brother Jonny.  Not that he didn't love us girls- he did undoubtedly.  But Jonny and Dad, along with their JDD initials, their quick wit, and their quiet strength, shared a father-son kind of love that I won't ever know.  So today, when this well-loved son became a father and when those same initials were passed down and when we called this little baby David- David Dent- I just think that this man who mostly smiled and laughed and high-fived and did the cabbage patch dance- I think he would have wept for the joy of it all.

Along with all the joking and laughing, of course.

I wish he was here with us to see it, but assuming he can see us even if we can't see him (this is a theological fuzzy area to me), I'm quite sure he's doing back flips and giving high fives to all his buddies in heaven. 

Welcome to the world, Joseph David.  You are so well loved.  And one Day, when you meet your grandpa Dadoo, you'll know why your name was such a big deal to all of us.  He was so well loved, too.  Until then, we'll hold you close and tell you all about him.

Congrats, Jonny and Amber!  You'll be great parents no doubt.

And thank you Lord for such a good gift.  We are all so grateful for this new little life.

Witnessing his gifts today and always,


The Rupps said...

A lovely tribute to Dadoo. David, that is. And this post, of course. I love your precious family, Candace.

Amber said...

So. Wonderful. I'm all emotional but this just warms my heart and brings those sweet tears if joy. I'm so thankful for all of this. Love. Love.