Saturday, September 14, 2013

Only the beginnning

The pictures just can't describe the joy of these kids- the heads thrown back in cackling laughter at the twirl of a tire swing.  The world was warm and the popsicles were cold and my friend Meg and I were in awe at the wonder of it all. 

I had read it that morning, Eugene Peterson's words:  "In the presence of the beautiful we intuitively respond in delight, wanting to be involved, getting near, entering in- tapping our feet, humming along, touching, kissing, meditating, contemplating, imitating, believing, praying.  It's the very nature of our five senses to pull us into whatever is there- scent, rhythm, texture, vision.  And it's the vocation of the artist to activate our senses so that they do just that.  Beauty in bird and flower, in rock and cloud.  Beauty in ocean and mountain, in star and sand.  Beauty in storm and meadow, in laughter and play... Instinctively.... we recognize that there's more to beauty than what we discern with our senses.  That beauty is never 'skin deep,' but always revelatory of goodness and truth.  Beauty releases light into our awareness so that we're conscious of the beauty of the Lord."

And it was true, I wanted to enter in.  I kept trying to capture the twirl of the skirt, the flight of the superman cape, the light in their laughing eyes.  But it was impossible because there was and is something beyond all of it that was so present yet so elusive at the same time.  It sounds strange to say it, but maybe it was the Holy Spirit in play- in the midst of three little people that God made enjoying all that He gave them.

It's too true- beauty is never skin deep.  That first-dimensional glimpse is only the beginning. 

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