Thursday, September 12, 2013


 This morning, I was yet again undone at the gift of life. 
I was at a hospital taking pictures of a brand new baby and there was one particular moment that I know will stay with me forever.  On one side of the glass was a father and his new son- his namesake in his hands.  On the other side of the glass the dad's mother was peering through, eyes all fixed on her new grandson.  

Her eyes were fixed, but so was her heart- on the Giver of all things.  She was speaking audible thanks to God and she spoke several times saying things like "What a blessing!" and "Thank you, God."  And then, through the glass, she directed her son with hand motions to lift his eyes and heart upwards in thanks as well. 
It was beautiful.

In that moment, I kind of knew that this is what I'm doing.  When I'm hired to take pictures (I still can't believe this blessing), I am less of an artist and more of a WITNESS to the gifts with which the Lord has so lavishly given.  I capture it and I edit it but mostly I WITNESS these gifts the Lord gives. 

What a blessing. 

Thank you, God. 

You are good.  All the time. 

Especially in light of all the unrest and oppression and brokenness of all the world, we remember that You are the giver of good gifts and You do not change like shifting shadows.  We fix our eyes on You and we give You thanks in all things.  It enables us to endure, persevere, and praise You through it all. 

I'm a photographing fly on the wall usually, but more than that, I'm a witness and I'm thankful for witnessing life this morning and always.

I'm a witness and I am undone.