Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For Caroline

I have a neice!  With Anna Grace being the only girl in a whole big gaggle of boy cousins and brothers, this was a long time coming and we are all thrilled.  We all love her and can't wait to meet her and we gathered this weekend like all good Southern women do to shower her and momma Kate with gifts. 

I picked out a lovie and a dress for our sweet Caroline and it was fun to give gifts, but because I give and receive love through words, I thought a little blessing was in order. 

For Caroline:

Beautiful Caroline, may you always know your beauty as not only outward (and I'm sure you'll radiate it), but as a well deep within.  May you grace this world with enduring love, showcasing the beauty of your Creator. 

May you own and wear joy all your days.  

May you know true friendship.

May you be grounded in the love of your family, following in the legacy of your grandparents and great-grandparents like MeMe and Paw Paw Zeke Dunaway and Memaw and PawPaw Chaney, loving and serving the one true God. 

May you have a generous spirit like your grandmother Barbara, the one who will sing to you and make you laugh and rock you when you're sad and adore you all your days. 

May you be as sweet as the petite fours on our plates and may you be known for your kindness.

And may you know grace as the free, undeserved gift that it is.  God's love, your mother's devotion, your father's guidance, your salvation and every breath as grace upon grace from a Father who really gives gifts so well.

Be blessed, little one.  

We love you.

Expectantly and with great love, 
Aunt Candace

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