Saturday, October 19, 2013

full of blessing

the Harper crew at Jesse's soccer game
Some of our dearest friends have six children. 

As a mother of three, I get the "Your hands are full!" thing from strangers at the grocery store and everywhere else- I can only imagine how many times my friend Korrie, mother of six, has heard it.  I have another friend with five children who posted as her FB status once, "Don't tell me my hands are full!  I freakin' know!"  (And maybe she used all caps. She's spunky, that Julia).  As you can imagine, it just gets old when that's how everyone greets you.  Of course, most of the time it's well intentioned but it's good to remember that when you see moms toting around their kids, an encouraging word might be better. 

Yes, her hands are full, but they are full of blessing and a little encouragement just might go further than you think.   

"Children are a heritage from the Lord,    offspring a reward from him."  Psalm 127:3

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Korrie said...

Ever the Barnabas...thanks for this, CDC!!