Friday, October 11, 2013

our enigma

The night of our rehearsal dinner, my dad called me "an enigma wrapped inside of a mystery."  I don't know how well that really describes me, but I certainly understand the sentiment.  Soft spoken, sensitive, ferocious, careful, full-hearted, clever Zeke is our enigma.  Just when we think we've figured him out, he does or says something that surprises us.

His parents and grandparents and his adoring teacher always makes sure to check on his little heart- he's sensitive.  He doesn't speak up in class but it's not because he doesn't know the answer- he's soft spoken.  He runs and plays with wild abandon- he's ferocious. He has contingency plans for everything and he struggles with anxious thoughts but he's working on it and we think he would be great at risk management one day- he's careful.  He writes expressions of love on his papers and knows and loves God and he's learning to trust Him- he's full-hearted.  He's an expert on weather and geography and he's excelling in school- he's clever. 

Even having figured some of that out, being a student of Zeke's heart is no easy job.  But even if we never figure him out, the love we have for this least-squeaky wheel of ours is no mystery- it's an unchanging, no-matter-what kind of love. 

We will always and forever love our little enigma.  

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