Tuesday, November 5, 2013

our high calling

So I decided to sit down and take a breath and think about last week- I would process pictures while I processed the whirlwind that was the last week of October. 

Our friends came to visit like they do every year but this year it was especially.... frenzied.  Not necessarily in a bad way.  It's just that every moment was very full. 

I couldn't decide what it was.  We've been able to sit and talk and pray long over smoldering fires in previous years and considering the amount of children we've produced between the families we affectionately call our people group, we've done really well with finding time to do that deep, heart level prayer and share type thing.

But this year, there were the twelve children between three families that needed to be fed and then fed again and then fed again and again.  

And there was the carnival at school and the school itself and the laundry and the repeated cleaning of the kitchen and the cooking.

There were costumes and playing and pumpkin carving and more eating.  And the candy comas, of course. 


There were the soccer practices and the soccer games.

There was even a fundraising effort for a little girl yet to join us in the midst of our Halloween fun.  

At the end of the week's visit, we sat at a very long table at the Cracker Barrel- 12 children, 6 adults (we're missing 2 adults and 4 kids but they're in East Asia and we'll be with them again someday but not this year).  We ate and we had one more meal together one more time and then it was over and we went home and collapsed. 

So why the dearth of time to sit and visit long?

Because life with children requires a pouring out.  It's ok and it's worth it, but it's a pouring out of all you've got.

One day we'll sit around and prop our feet up again and have the luxury of staying up late.  Now is just not that time. 

But again, it is a high calling, this raising of a generation to know and love the Lord.  I'm just glad we're all in it together and that we have one another to encourage along the way- even if we can't do it long and late over a fire. 

We missed you, Rupps!  Love you guys!!!!!


john smith said...

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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The Rupps said...

Lil' ache in the ol' ticker.