Sunday, November 10, 2013


So it seemed to be all soccer all the time this season.  S is for seasons of life.

 Oh but it was fun- especially watching all three teams improve over time.  O is for onward and upward!

 Clearly it took a significant time and energy investment, but it was worth it.  C is for constructive play. 

 Can we keep this pace of life up?  We'll try and we'll see.  I think we're playing again in the spring.  C is for carry on! 

Even so, I'm tired. At least for now.  E is for eager to rest. 

Retrospectively, it was relational and rewarding and the right fit for our kids.  So there you go... R


Goodbye, 2013 season. 

You were exhaustingly wonderful, relationally rewarding, filthy but fun, and an overall great addition to this messy fun Chaney life. 

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