Monday, December 23, 2013

our moment

Marshall, Texas, hosts a pretty decent small town Christmas festival complete with an ice skating rink.  It may be the smallest, most challenging ice skating rink in the world- like skating on cold gravel while dodging constant human obstacles clumsily hurdling through space- but still, ice skating is fun at Christmas time.  Anna Grace and I gave it a go.

She called it "technically hilarious" and "the best money we ever spent" and remarked that she never knew it could be "so embarrassing and so fun at the same time."  

The hour flew by and by the end of our 60 minutes, she somehow mastered it.  I couldn't even keep up. "I just imagined I was in the Olympics," she told me, letting me in on her secret.  

Our lives are comprised of a series of moments- most mundane, some full of suffering, some full of joy. I only seem to really remember the most dramatic ones on both end of the spectrum.  But I hope Anna Grace and I can both remember this one- her failure and falls helping her learn to fly, my skating behind her and helping her up when she fell,  the cold in the air and the Christmas warm in our hearts- our mother-daughter ice skating Christmas happy moment.  

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