Saturday, December 14, 2013

Popcorn like confetti: seven lessons and reminders on parenting

1.  Our little ones are not distractions.  Training them up and loving them well should always be tip-top on our to-do list.  

2.  Good friends that love and encourage us are incredibly helpful as we sometimes struggle through parenting. 

3.  Small things can bring great excitement when you're little.  (Popcorn!)

 5.  A controlled mess can be a crazy amount of liberating fun!  

6.  If we blink long, they'll be all grown up and we'll wonder where the days went.  We should keep eyes open wide while we can.

7.  Clean up can be just as fun as mess up.

I'm so grateful for the lessons and reminders, for popcorn like confetti, and friends for life. 

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