Monday, December 16, 2013


Disclaimer:  I realize I may be a little off on my etymology here.  If you love words and start to panic, don't worry.  I've realized the error of my ways.   


Zeke and I were discussing what an oceanographer was today.  

"The part of the word that is '-graphy' means the study of something.  So an oceanographer is a scientist who studies the ocean,"  I explained.  

"Kind of like a weatherographer?"  he said.

We talked about meteorology.  Oh yeah.

"So kind of like a photographer?"  he asked again.

"Right!"  I was excited.  "Photographers study light!  Just like that."  

He thought about it for a while and then said, "So you are a photographer and a cooker and a doctor?  How do you do all that?"  he whispered.  

And all I could do was smile and we kept on reading our book.  

Oh, my sweet Zeke...

So for all you sticklers, I realize now that a more precise explanation would be that -graphy is a process of writing or recording so an oceanographer maps and photographer records more than studies.  I should have explained that -ology is actually "the study of something" and I've probably scarred him for life.  But still... fun times with my Z.

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