Friday, January 24, 2014

a snowflake gift

When I pick the kids up from school everyday, the first words out of Anna Grace's mouth always come together to form the same question she asks every single day:

"What are we doing tonight?"

I guess she feels like life is or should be an exciting adventure and I like her enthusiasm.  On Mondays, Family Dinner Night with my extended family is a good answer- she always looks forward to that for sure.  Tuesdays, it's guitar practice.  Wednesday has become a more regular date night (PTL), so a babysitter is the anticipated treat of the evening.  Thursdays are a bit of a lull for Anna Grace until running club starts up in warmer weather. There's not a really good answer for her on Thursday afternoons.   So yesterday, Thursday, when I was in the kitchen making lentil stew*, I noticed the swirl of big snowflakes in the backyard and called her to come take a gander.  She stayed out way longer than I could stand, singing and (literally) running and jumping around in the midst of it.  Whether she knew it or not, this was her Thursday night excitement, a gift from the Giver who gives all good things.  

And oh, how He loves her.  

*I thought the stew was quite good- I used sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes and carrots.  It wasn't a hit for the rest of the crew, however.   Always a problem.  

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