Thursday, January 9, 2014

a joy not our own

"The thing about me is that I hate being sad.  It's like being sick on a beautiful day."   Anna Grace 

My little girl feels emotions deeply- always has.  Her happy is a very happy and her sad is a very sad.  And I can't protect her from it- I can only remind her that even on the dreariest of days when our heart dries up of all hope, a joy that is not our own can make us strong.  Nehemiah's one-liner truth is profound in its application: The joy of the Lord is our strength.  Even as tears fall and even though it may not make complete sense, we can know this strength, this joy of the Lord, in moments of trial or grief or pain.  It's a contradictory experience, but isn't Jesus always turning things upside down and inside out? 


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That AG is a wise lady, just like her momma!! Hugs and much love!!!