Tuesday, January 7, 2014

on mothering well

my opinionated, passionate, adorable little puppy... I mean baby rhino

"Women are such great civilizers... Remember that the consequences of mothering well are truly great.  You have this opportunity to ingrain love, righteousness, and faith into the very depths of your children's souls.  Such potential influence is in your hands.  God's Spirit will give wind to your wings and He will bless you as you embrace these ideals for His glory."  Sally Clarkson

Somehow Jack knew to buy this book for me for Christmas.  All of us who are entrenched in the highs and lows of motherhood could benefit from the encouragement that Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson provide. It's sort of a manifesto of living and breathing in Jesus to sustain us for the high calling of motherhood.  

Jack found it, I highly recommend it. 

Breathing deeply. 

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Nora Greer said...

must read! the day to day grind is so hard and I feel so ill equiped most of the time. i'm hanging on to the words in the old hymn "just take it to the Lord in prayer"! He knows we can do this mothering thing and do it well!!! Love you :)