Friday, February 28, 2014


opening ceremonies
 So our preschool had their own version of the winter Olympics and it was precious.  From the opening ceremonies to the athletic villages, every detail was so creative and well thought out that of course, I had to document it. 

 The press was out in full force snapping pictures and interviewing the athletes.  This cute little athlete told me that the skating was his favorite event. 


figure skating
 The "skating" event simply involved taking your shoes off and running around and spinning to traditional Russian music.  

"Curling" involved chalk lines on concrete and a disc to slide down your lane at nothing in particular.  The kids loved it.

egg and spoon
 Ok, so not all of the events were authentic Olympic events, but the egg and spoon was still fun. 

snow ball hockey
 Of course there was hockey. 

Zamboni racing
 And of course (?), there was Zamboni racing with a "snowball" in tow.  Not pictured was the "luge" (think slide).  It was all great fun and the middle school kids did a great job helping out and running the stations.  

St. Mark's White House Winter Olympics 2014 wins gold.  Well done indeed. 

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