Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jack extraordinaire

There are the ordinary moments and there are the extraordinary ones.  I'm sure my husband's mom and dad remember the extraordinary one in February of 1977 when their son Jack was born, a moment we're celebrating today.  I'm grateful for that moment for sure.  We've lived a handful of extraordinary moments together, too, he and I, but the ordinary moments in between are really what have made up our life together.

Like every morning, he grabs a cup of water before heading out to work and grins at me, demanding that I made him breakfast (he jokes, but I usually oblige) and then he tells each of us to have a great day and I get a brief scrape with his beard with my kiss and a hug before he heads out to work to support his family- us- day after ordinary day.   The highs of life have left us grateful and the lows of life have stretched and grown us but these ordinary moments are the bulk of our days and I've so enjoyed them. Jack's wit, his kindness, his grace, his creativity, and his intelligence are have been great gifts to me in the day in and day out and I'm grateful for the birthday mile marker of today, but really, I'm thankful for him every day in our every day-ness- this amazing man of God that greets me every morning.

So happy birthday, Jack!  Here's to our beautiful ordinary life- or maybe it's not so ordinary after all.


Kate Chaney said...

Happy Birthday, Jack! You certainly are extraordinary! Love you! Great post, CDC

Jack said...

You're the best. Love you.