Friday, February 7, 2014

looking back

April 2011

Have you seen Facebook's Lookback video?  Well played, Mark.  Well played.

Facebook and the internet in general is neutral ground with potential for great evil or great good. As with all things, we must guard our hearts as we interact with it.  So because I don't ever want to misrepresent or be misunderstood, I thought a couple of general disclaimers were in order:

1.  My life is VERY RARELY picturesque.  I just happen to have the ability to capture it when it is. My life full of dirty dishes and piles of laundry and stretches of days when I don't even have time to shower, let alone the kids that argue and the times I loose my patience.  I struggle with frustrations and disappointments and all manner of grief and heartache. Even so,  I consider it an act of worship to capture moments as the gifts that they are, in turn giving thanks back to God.  Nothing I have is my own.  I owe every thing, every thing, to Him and His extravagant love.  Even the ugly-beautiful ones as Ann Voskamp likes to say. 

2.  The picturesque moments aren't really the ones that make up a life or the ones that even count the most anyway.  Those quiet moments when no one is looking, when you forgive in your heart when it's hard, or you give something up so for someone else, or you persevere in love- those are the kinds of things that really count. Or like my friend Sapna said, the "small, daily, unnoticed and undocumented joys..." It may go without saying, but I don't want anyone to be deceived, thinking my life is better than theirs just because I've captured more light and smiles via jpeg images.  Photography just happens to be my thing. 

That being said, I sure did like looking back.

Like the Israelites remembering God's faithfulness to them at Passover, it was a little reminder of God's faithfulness to me- these years captured in jpegs. 

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