Sunday, February 9, 2014

smurfs and mushrooms

Last night, Asher kept getting confused.  He couldn't remember the word "s'mores" and kept calling them "smurfs."  It was all "smurfs" and "mushrooms" because he couldn't remember "s'mores" and "marshmallows." "Oh yeah," he said with a cute little chuckle as we corrected him.  "I forgot." 

Zeke asked for a "reasonably sized" drink at Chick-fil-a this weekend and has a wiggly tooth he won't let me touch.

Anna Grace drew a calendar of themed gifts for each month today.  In case you were wondering, February is a month to give watermelons and June's gift is sunglasses, of course.  January is hearts and October is puppies.

Time marches on.

Sometimes I just wish it didn't have to. 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Oh how true! About time at least. . . And don't correct her wrong words. I want them to last forever! ;)