Friday, March 21, 2014

so I had this dream....

My dad went to be with Jesus 12 years ago, so it's been quite a while since I've seen him.  Only in a few dreams have I heard his laughter or seen his face and when I have, I have been so grateful for such a gift.  

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, I woke up again grateful.

In this latest dream, Jack and I went upstairs to look at a house and there were young people milling about and there was a couch.  My dad was sitting on the couch.  I reached over to touch him- to make sure he was real (this happens in all my dreams of him)- and sure enough, I felt the warmth of his arm.  Definitely real.  Asher was sitting in his lap and I was so glad that the two of them had met. 

"Hey Dad!  I'm so glad you met Asher! What are you doing here?!?" I wanted to know.

He told me he was tired, really tired, but he was here to help me (was it me or more people?) sing a worship song.

And that was it.

As I was waking up, all that was going through my head was the melody and phrase, "Your grace, Your great grace" over and over.  I had to Google it.  I knew that it was a song that I had heard before but I didn't really know the words.  But there it was on my phone's screen-  Matt Redman's version of "Your Grace Finds Me."  

I think it probably goes without saying that it hit home.  There on a wedding day, there at the weeping by the graveside, there in every breath we breathe.

God's grace. 

His GREAT grace.

Sing with me? 


Rendi Wiggins said...

Love this and love you! --Rendi

The Rupps said...

So I just had the very best, tearful, and refreshing worship time with my bedroom door locked and your dream in my mind, and this song blaring loudly.

Next time you see your daddy, tell him thank you for me, will you?