Monday, April 28, 2014

get out those measuring sticks and toss 'em!

My beautiful, creative friend Kayla who lives in East Asia and writes novels while homeschooling four amazing kids and cooking like it's nobody's business wrote this post about comparison and how it crushes our spirits.

And she's right.  Comparison is the worst.  THE WORST.  (It's the WORST).

Like I told Kayla, I'm a terrible vegan (what's life without cheese?) and my teeth are dingy. But what is so good and true is that God has unique lives for each of us. I am tempted to worry, too, when I see her amazing life in East Asia as she raises mandarin-speaking, board-splitting genius kids who are held close as she teaches them everything they need to know about life. What adventure! And for such great purpose! But the truth is that while neither one of us "have it all," both of us have what God has given and that's enough.

If only we could all see ourselves and those around us as unique and made beautiful only by the One who made us.  If we could only live before Him and Him alone.  We ALL struggle with not measuring up- me included- but the truth is we have only One person to please and if we aim to do that, we cannot lose.

We are redeemed and loved and given so much.

It's enough.

Here's to throwing away our measuring sticks!

I mean, check her out.  Kayla.  She's got skillz.  I love her and how she shares her heart just as well as she handstands.

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Kayla Rupp said...

Just now reading this for some reason! You got me back. He he. Love you so very much.