Monday, April 14, 2014

gimme 5

my I'm-a-mom-and-I-have-to-clean-up-puke selfie

It happens to all of us parents, doesn't it?  At some time or another, your little bundle of joy will spew the contents of his or her stomach all over something that was NOT meant to be puked upon.  Your bed, their bed, your carpet, their floor- it doesn't matter where it is- every time it brings up a dread the likes of which is hereunto unmatched in my nine years of parenting experience.

And speaking of experience, this ain't my first rodeo if you know what I mean.  When another round of vomit poked its unwelcome head into my bedroom last night, I was ready.  I was by no means pleased, but I was ready.  So I thought I would compile a list.  Here's what I had on hand that I think could be helpful for parents everywhere experiencing the yucks:

1.  rubber gloves

They've come in handy more than once, friends.  I also like the bandana around the face method.  It keeps me from adding to the mess.

2.  good people

Friends and family.  The kind that would say, drop off laundry detergent when you've run out or the kind that would take your other non-sick child to the orthodontist and on the way home get her lunch and take her shopping.  I'm blessed beyond measure in the friends-and-family department.

3.  perspective

The Passion of the Christ happened to be on TV when everything went south at my house last night. Cross-centered lives don't flinch at the thought of cleaning up someone else's bodily fluids. Love sacrifices. The film was a timely reminder.

4.  imagination

I may be an un-showered mess cleaning up messes in my house on a rainy day, but that doesn't mean I can't go to a warm beach in my imagination.  Music helps and we happen to have access to a world of music all day everyday through the wonders of technology.  I was just thinking the other day about how underutilized our imagination sometimes is.

5.  a frozen casserole

This is something I've only recently started doing, but it is quite helpful to make double batches of dinner and stash the other half away in the freezer for a rainy day.  Or a sickly day.  Or both.  Needless to say, I am utilizing one tonight and I am thanking myself for doing myself the favor several weeks ago.

So I do believe that is a start.  If you have any other helpful hints or advice, do tell!  Unfortunately, I have a feeling I'm a few days before we're back in the clear.  


Jack said...

You're a damn parenting ninja. Well done!

(I also like how you left out the fact that I was no help to you at all. Let this comment serve as my confession and repentance)

lifeinthevillage said...

LOL at your hubby's comment. Nice. Also I would totally add Lysol to the list. I spray like a mad woman in an effort to kill anything that looks like a germ. Or I suppose a place where a germ could live. You are amazing my friend!!