Friday, April 18, 2014

testing 1...2...3...

Last year, I had one of those Pinterest fail experiences.  You know the ones.

So this year, I thought I would actually test out the resurrection rolls in advance so that Easter morning wouldn't be a total fail.

And what do you know......

They worked this time!

I used this recipe from  

I still like my friend Lydia's idea of Jesus rising out of a cake (amazing, watch the video!), but I haven't been able to find such an amazing Jesus action figure.


I loved my kitchen assistant.  It reminded me of this post from 2008 (another amazing video- look at my little baby girl!)  and of God's faithfulness yet again- the salvation that came from His great love.

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming. 

I hope you all have a Happy Resurrection Day! 

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lifeinthevillage said...

Okay- so this is really funny. I just wrote down exactly the same recipe!!! How funny is that? I mean exactly. :) Loooooooove!