Monday, May 26, 2014

8 good things and Memorial Day

1.  wild-hearted and wildly cute Asher Adam

2.  tables turned

My four-year-old then turned the camera on his momma and used all of her own tricks.  I hate to the whole "say CHEESE" thing because it makes for such unnatural smiles.  So I shouldn't have been surprised when he told me to "think of something fun you do with your friends!"

3.  finding just the right books

My second born child has such a different brain than my first.  He loves facts and not necessarily narratives.  So thank you, Geronimo Stilton.  It's a wacky detective mouse with good vocabulary and enough fact pages to keep Zeke excited about reading.  That one has been a long time coming!

4.  people who make things themselves

We spent our Saturday at our friend's event which he called "Memphis in Shreveport."  Since he couldn't go to his annual BBQ cook off in Memphis, he decided to bring Memphis to Shreveport.  The result was extraordinary.   His usual entourage brought all kinds of homemade goodness to the table from beer to cheese to sauces and it was impressive to say the least.  

And there was homemade key lime pie.  

And poems.  There were poems.  And a recitation of said poems.  

And posters the quality of which made my head spin.  


5.  sidewalk art

Speaking of making things yourself, a friend and I have been attempting to make our own sidewalk paint.   Cornstarch or flour?  Share your thoughts.  I'd love to know if you've tried it.

 6.  Shreveport, LA

It's really not a bad place to live.  Especially when you have an amazing group of friends to do life with.
Red River - Shreveport, LA

7.  slumber parties when you're a 9-year-old girl

8.  remembering 

my grandfather, Bertrand Greve, top row far left

It's good to remember that this life of mine full of key lime pie and slumber parties and especially the freedom to worship the God who gave all of these good gifts isn't necessarily the norm of this so-broken, so-fallen world.  People like my grandfather have fought for such a life.  People all over the world don't know such a life.

"Greater love" is spoken of on this day in reference to the laying down of life and it's true.  I remember those who have.

And today and everyday, I remember the One who laid down his life at the cross, making a way for this so-broken and so-fallen world to one day be made new and for us to live with him forever. We look forward to that day as we remember the sacrifice.

May we hold on loosely but gratefully to the good, good things of our privileged life and may we live lives worthy of such sacrifice.

Happy Memorial Day, friends.


Kate Chaney said...

I love this post! I can't decide which is my favorite- the cute pics of you that Asher took telling you to think of something fun with your friends, or the slumber party phots, or the book reading by zeke, or the sidewalk paint- I love it all! And I love reading about the everyday happenings of the Chaney crew too! Y'all sure are one awesome family! Love you!

marcia said...

Wow, loved this!

1. I see a lot of you in Asher in these pics.
2. You made me extra homesick.
3. That pie looks like it was incredible.
4. Best Memorial Day post/article/what-have-you I've ever read.
5. You need to post your sidewalk chalk recipe . . .
6. Happy Anniversary!