Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my lone Wrangler

One fall night in 1994, Jack picked me up in his light blue Toyota Corolla.  We were wearing formal clothes as it was Homecoming and all, but still, he offered me a Charms blow pop (two lollipop treats in one!) and we shrugged why not and the rest is history.  Best friends.

Now, he has a company truck that he drives for work, but since our one-car-for-the-weekend situation wasn't working out, we recently bought a well-taken-care-of 1989 Jeep Wrangler because why wouldn't we?  We've driven with the top off (duh) for most of the week, but since rain was coming today, he and I (mostly he) worked like crazy to stretch and pull the soft top on and it must not have been put on in a long time because let me tell you, it was a big fat pain to do.  But there we were, stretching and pulling and grunting together and when we got the last piece on, Jack smiles and says, "Yay!  Best friends!"

What a gift, what a blessing, what lessons in grace and love we've been given all these years to ride along the road of life together- best friends.

Thirteen years ago I said, "I do," and I love him now more than ever.  If there's a lid for every pot, he's certainly mine.  The only one for me.

Happy anniversary, Jack!  Best friends!  

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Kate Chaney said...

2 lollipop treats in one.... gotta love that JLC and his wit :)

Sweet post! yay for 13 years!!!!

Love y'all!