Friday, May 30, 2014

sip + see

 I'm not sure, but culturally speaking, I have a hunch that the sip n' see phenomenon may be specific to Southern ladies well versed in hostessing.  So to explain, the idea is to "sip" drinks (punch, mimosas, etc) and to "see" something- most often a new addition to the family.  My mother-in-law recently hosted one so that her friends could meet her newest granddaughter and it was just beautiful.

Even though I can't hand you a cookie, I can host a blogging sip n' see!  Grab your coffee and sip while you see Caroline Margaret, my sweet little red-headed niece!

Isn't she adorbs?  


Kate Chaney said...

Yes! She's totally adorable :) And that photographer has amazing skills, too!!!! Love these pics oh so much!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! PS- turns out your faves are my faves too :)

lifeinthevillage said...

Yes. And yes. And yes. She IS adorable, you have some amazing pics of her, and it is totally southern. ;) Loooooove!